Metadapp, in its quest to provide an unparalleled experience for its users, has introduced a dynamic reward system Called – Meta Points. Metapoints are Designed to incentivize, engage, and elevate the platform’s experience.These points form the nucleus of our user-centric approach.

But what exactly are Meta Points, and why should you care?

Diving Deep into Meta Points:

  1. Rewarding Engagement:

Every interaction with the Metadapp platform becomes rewarding with Meta Points. Be it trading, bringing in friends through referrals, entering contests, or simply exploring newly launched features. The philosophy is simple – the more you interact, the more points you earn, and there’s no cap!

2. The Swiss Army of Point Systems:

Their versatility is where Meta Points shine. Picture redeeming them for a plethora of benefits: exclusive feature accesses, early mover advantage to the hottest projects, or even being at the receiving end of fresh token airdrops. As for the range of rewards, well, let’s just say we have a few surprises up our sleeve for the future!

3. Community at its Core:

Inviting friends? Engaging with the community? Meta Points got you covered. They’re not just points but catalysts that drive community growth and bring to life the vibrant Metadapp ecosystem.

4. Wear Your Influence: Think of Meta Points as your Metadapp influence meter. The more points you possess, the more active and valued & celebrated within the Metadapp ecosystem

5. Game On!

Meta Points make every interaction feel like a game. Achieving milestones, accumulating points, and unlocking rewards – the user experience feels akin to progressing in a game.

More than Just Points!

Meta Points are more than just rewards; they encapsulate our user-first ethos. By:

  • Promoting active participation.
  • Cultivating a thriving, passionate community.
  • Instilling a sense of accomplishment and friendly rivalry.
  • Granting keys to a treasure trove of exclusive perks.

They resonate with our vision of a bustling, user-centric ecosystem where every effort is valued and rewarded.

3 Ways to Earn Meta Points

Pre-launch Phase: (Now)

  • Pre-register now before launch date: All users that register on the platform before launch day will automatically get 100 Meta Points.
  • Referring Your friends: Get 10 points for every user that uses your link. (there is no limit to how many points you can get.
  • Becoming A Super User: Earn 100,000 Meta points upon achieving Super user status.

Note: Becoming a Super User stands out as the premier method to amass the highest Meta Points in one go.

In essence, Meta Points are not just about rewards; they embody Metadapp’s promise of a user-driven, enriching, and interactive ecosystem. So gear up and dive deep into the Metadapp experience, where every move has its reward! 🌟

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