In our last post, we delved deep into Understanding Metapoints, showcasing their instrumental role within the Metadapp ecosystem. Today, we’re turning our spotlight onto unveiling the prestigious Metadapp Super User Program.

What is a Super User and Why should you aspire to become one?

Metadapp Superusers are a distinguished group of early adopters and dedicated users who have demonstrated an exceptional level of engagement, dedication, and contribution to the Metadapp platform and its community. Think of them more as our star Members & VIP That are the first to try out new features, provide critical feedback that shapes the platform, and help spread the word about Metadapp.

Benefits of Super Users:

Super User status and 100,000 Metapoint lead: Superusers receive exclusive Super User status and a 100,000 Metapoint lead over other platform users.

Exclusive airdrop shortlist: Superusers gain privileged access to upcoming token airdrops before they are announced to the broader public.

Whitelist access to premium dealflows: Superusers enjoy exclusive entry into high-value dealflows not available to regular users.

Special contests and competitions: Superusers have exclusive access to participate in unique contests and competitions to showcase their trading skills and win valuable rewards.

Early access to new features and beta tests: Superusers are the first to experience and provide feedback on new features and beta versions, directly influencing platform enhancements.

Rewards and opportunities from partner protocols: Superusers have access to exclusive rewards and opportunities from Metadapp’s partner protocols and projects. Enhanced referral rewards and extra Metapoints from referrals: Superusers earn 100% extra cash rewards from their referrals’ transaction fees and receive a 100% extra bonus in Metapoints earned through referrals.

Access to Meta Alpha Group and early tools and features access: Superusers gain access to the select Meta Alpha Group, where they can connect with like-minded traders and accessing advanced insights. They also get early access to newly released tools and features before they are available to the wider user base.

Subscription fee discount: Superusers enjoy a 25% discount on subscription fees.

How to Become a Super User:

The Super User status is extremely valuable and can only be earned through participation in specific challenges and contests.

Stay tuned and watch out as We announce these challenges and contests on our social media and telegram community.

If you are a crypto enthusiast with a strong interest in DEX trading and on-chain analysis, and you are passionate about Metadapp, we highly encourage you to participate in the challenges and contests to earn Super User status.

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