The Metadapp Smart Trading Platform is a powerful ecosystem that enables users to trade more efficiently and profitably on decentralized exchanges. It is structured around two primary pillars: Automation and Analytics.

Automation Tools

The automation tools section of Metadapp encompasses a diverse set of functionalities that allow users to automate processes on chain. At the heart of that is a feature called Metabots. Metabots is a Telegram & Web based automated trading tool with cross platform accessibility that enables users to execute transactions within seconds directly on decentralized exchanges.

Analytics Tools

The analytics tools section of Metadapp hosts various dashboards equipped with powerful tools to help users analyze blockchain data and gain valuable insights. Under the hood, Metadapp analyzes millions of addresses and their transactions across different protocols and DEX’s to identify trading patterns, identify successful traders, and detect potential market manipulation.

Together, these components form our cohesive and holistic Smart Trading Platform, making on-chain trading more intelligent, insightful, and efficient.

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